The Monsoon Time: 4 Years in India

Here I am… Lost in the vastness of a city with more than 20 million inhabitants. From my car, I see the filth of the streets, people sleeping on the pavement, children barely awaked running through piles of garbage, holy cows and not so holy dogs (although peaceful) cohabitating all harmoniously in an asphyxiated city. I`m strangely sure that we are on the outskirts of Delhi and I anxiously wait for the real city to appear out of nowhere in front of my eyes. After more than an hour… the landscape doesn`t change at all. Everyone honks around, most of the cars I  see have scratches and serious signs of damage, the Tata trucks we pass appear like old rusty metal beasts, no doors or windows. Eventually, I have to acknowledge that this is the city.… Citește mai mult The Monsoon Time: 4 Years in India