The Monsoon Time: 4 Years in India (4)

I feel it`s too early to speak about specific issues. I intuitively understand how things work around me, but I have a persistent feeling of aloofness. I don`t delude myself into thinking I might fathom India, I already know there are aspects of this life that will always escape my power of understanding.

               The next day, I`m expected at the University. Outside, almost 35 degrees Celsius…  Not very convinced, I drop the idea of wearing the suit I had brought with me from Romania. I`m in front of the Faculty of Arts, some minutes before 8 o`clock. The guards, unimpressive, half asleep, look at me awkwardly. I`m told no one is to be found at the Department before 9 o`clock. I walk the deserted corridors for over an hour, I look, slightly confused, at the walls, their plaster decayed, and I understand less and less this world Europe admires with a sort of mystical and ignorant … Citește mai mult The Monsoon Time: 4 Years in India (4)