The Monsoon Time: 4 Years in India (3)

As for the taxis, they are pretty expensive and hard to find, especially when you badly need them. In front of my hostel, there is a taxi stand; 3 or 4 old, black minivans. The drivers and the owners sleep there, in a make-up tent, on dusty bamboo beds. When I need their services at night, I have to tell them in advance. Nonetheless, it doesn` t really make any difference whatsoever. I tell them the time but, when the time comes, I need to go under the tent, to lift the closest blanket and to wake up the man who sleeps under. I try to be as authoritarian as I can when I shout: Bhaya! Bhaya! Bhaya! In Hindi, Bhaya is just an informal way of saying brother. Shouting is not enough; I need to shake the man firmly.

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